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        • R&D Director
          Classification[ Recruit ]  2017-05-23
          Education Requirement: Bachelor DegreeGender: UnlimitedNature of Position: Full-timeRecruiting Object: UnlimitedWorking Place: Tong’an District, Xiame...>>More
        • Management Trainee
          Classification[ Recruit ]  2017-05-23
          Education: Junior High School or HigherGender: MaleRecruit Object: At least 2 years working experiencesProfessions: UnlimitedAge: 25 to 40 years oldWo...>>More
        • Quality specialist
          Classification[ Recruit ]  2017-05-23
          Education: Diploma aboveGender: UnlimitedNature of position: full-timeRecruit object: UnlimitedAge: 18 to 45 years oldWorking place: Tong’an District,...>>More
        • International Sales
          Classification[ Recruit ]  2017-05-23
          Education: Diploma AboveGender: UnlimitedNature of position: Full-timeRecruit Object: UnlimitedLanguage Requirements: proficiency in EnglishWorking Pl...>>More
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