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        In 2005, Xiamen Probtain Nonwoven Co. Ltd. Established.

        In 2006, Probtain relocated at No. 162, Tong’an Zone, Tong’an Industry Park as one of the first companies moving into Tong’an Industry Park. Mr. Lifeng He (The Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Committee of The CPC and Currently The Commissioner of NDRC ) visited our factory. In December of the same year, the first production line of PP Non-woven Fabric in Xiamen history was operated in Probtain.


        In 2012, Probtain relocated at No. 6 Ji’an Road, Tong’an District with the accomplishment of Probtain’s new production base and Technical Center covering an area of 35,000㎡. 


        In 2013, additional two production lines of PP Non-woven fabric (1800mm and 1600mm in width) were put into production, reaching an annual out-put of 6,000metric tons, and Probtain became one of the most important regional suppliers of innovative materials.


        On October 19th, 2015, reform of joint-stock system had been accomplished, and changed its name to “Xiamen Probtain Non-woven Inc.”

        In 2016

        1. On March 18th, Probtain joined The National Equities Exchange and Quotations successfully, from then on, Probtain entered the capital market.


        2. On June 6th, Probtain’s wholly-owned subsidiary Xiamen Probtain Network Technology Ltd. was established, later the first internet project——Flagship Store of Greencare in Tmall was opened under our proprietary brand in August and Flagship store of Greencare in Jing Dong Mall was set up in December, which indicated that the interaction of offline and online between Probtain manufacturing industry and internet promotion formed initially.


        3. On June 27th, Probtain’s wholly-owned subsidiary Xiamen PT Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. was founded.


        4. On June 30th, Xiamen Heyue Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. was acquired by Probtain and became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Probtain, and renamed as “Xiamen Probtain Heyue Hygienic Material Co., Ltd”, symbolizing Probtain’s industry application entering an new field of infants health materials.


        5. On July 6th, Probtain established The R & D Center with Material Institute of Xiamen University, which initiated the new era of the development of innovative hygienic protection materials.


        6. In December, Probtain was certified to be the “Innovative (Pilot) Enterprises” by The Bureau of Science and Technology of Xiamen, symbolizing a milestone in technological innovation. 

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